The Andean Tradition

landscape flagThe Incas, who date back only several hundred years, conquered a territory that encompassed the Andes mountains, stretching through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina all the way up to Chile, incorporating in their Empire many different cultures, including the Moche, Chimus, Amaru, Quechua and Huari to name but a few. The seat  of the Empire was held in Cuzco (the naval) in Peru, a location chosen by Manco Capac, the original Inca, and his female counterpart Mama Oclla.

These cultures were not destroyed as they were incorporated, rather the best from each was upheld and honoured and made up a active part of the daily running of the Empire, for example if a culture was advanced in weaving, they would become the master weavers and would teach their skill throughout the empire. The same was true of the spiritual beliefs of the various cultures and so the spiritual traditions of the Andes was preserved, hence the Ancient Andean Tradition dates back almost 14 000 years.


SouthAmerica mapIt is a tradition which holds at its centre Ille Ticsi Wiracocha, the Creator, and which honours all of nature (pachamama) as being a sacred living conscious part of that creation. Through this there is a harmonizing of the human state of being with all of nature as an integral part of it. As modern humans we have separated considerably from nature and often perceive ourselves as not only separate but superior to nature. As this perception has grown so has our misery as a race, as societies and as individuals. We experience stresses, diseases of all natures and our societies reflect greed, crime and neglect. Our children suffer with many forms of learning challenges, concentration problems for which we prescribe medications. These children are trying to show us symptoms of a greater problem. They are raised in environments which effectively separate them from nature, and they cannot function as balanced healthy people without it.  

The ancient Andean Tradition teaches that through a conscious connection to nature, the elements and life we gain access the harmony, balance and well being that is our nature. It teaches us love for ourselves, through a clearer understanding of who we are as individuals and as humans, it teaches us compassion, tolerance and love for our fellow humans, it shows us the simple way of reconnecting to our spiritual nature and creating a conscious dynamic relationship with our Creator. It teaches us how to be in this world and  feel as though we belong in it, as a part of nature.


The Andean Tradition offers the process of initiation, as it was given through many ancient cultures on our planet. This initiation process is a clear and direct route to personal empowerment and ultimately enlightenment. It is a journey that can take several years however it requires nothing more than the individuals desire to undertake it. The Andean Tradition was brought to South Africa 12 years ago and has flourished here. Communities have been established in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Nelspruit and Natal. These communities offer ceremony at full moon and solstices and a number of other services. (To learn more about this please check the community notice board links.)