landscape peru landscapeUna Mama has the power to teach us to flow, she demonstrates this in the way that she moves through and around everything, not allowing obstacles to hinder her. As fluid and as gentle as she is, she has great strength and dominates 70% of our earth. Una Mama teaches us to be silent, still, and to go within.


She helps us to wash away our sadness and stresses; in return we access stillness, silence and begin to connect to our inner peace.

There are so many ways to connect to this element, for example, if you have had a fight with someone or are completely stressed about a situation, place your wrists under the running water of a tap and let it wash away those emotions. Another way to connect to the water element would be through bathing or showering, connecting to rivers or the sea. The way she touches us and caresses us again reminds us how loved we are and that all our density can be washed away with her cleansing powers.